March 2017

Should Startups Fight for Government Contracts.

Should Startups Fight for Government Contracts?

Startups and governments do not feature in the same debate that often and when they do, it mostly comes down to how governments around the world can help startup founders. And while this is a perfectly viable subject, this article is about something completely different, what are field sobriety tests. It is about jobs that various levels of governments need done but do not have their own people to do. More precisely, it is about whether startups should even consider such contracts and whether they should fight for them.

Some Numbers

There is definitely no shortage of public contracts out there, no matter what country you live and operate in. In the EU, for example, almost 15 percent of the EU GDP is represented by public procurements, with almost 250 000 different government and public authorities around the continent purchasing services, supplies and works. The number will likely drop once the United Kingdom leaves the EU, but it is not like those contracts will disappear into thin air.

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