financial models for startups and entrepreneurs


We recognise that not everyone has got the time and skills to produce a solid financial model to be accepted by investors when it comes to fundraising for your business.

Our startup consultants have a background in the financial services industry including family offices, venture capital firms, and top-tier banks. Over the course of their careers, they produced hundreds of financial models at industry standard level. Producing a top-notch financial model is required to have a meaningful discussion with potential financiers such as bankers, business angels, and venture capital firms.

Every business is different and so is a financial model. Therefore, the model should not only reflect your specific business model but also your goals, targets, and equity structure. When submitted to a potential investor, the financial model tells a story how the value of the business will evolve and what are the key drivers in terms of profit and loss (P&L). A compelling story sells and will allow you to unlock financial resources from an investor to grow your business and become successful.