Legal advice for startups in London should only be sourced through entrusted partners

Having access to cost-efficient legal advice for startups can be paramount in London, especially when it comes to setting up a legal entity, co-founders’ agreements, investor term sheets, joining an accelerator, or issuing employment contracts. Unfortunately, many startups in London overlook the importance of legal advice when starting a business and only use legal advice when it is unavoidable.

Every startup will require legal advice at some point, whether it is for the protection of the intellectual property (IP), patents or for disputes. Therefore, it is recommended to establish a long-term relationship with a solicitor specialised on providing legal advice for startups.

Over the past years, we have been working with various entrusted London-based solicitors which we can certainly recommend should you be looking for legal services for your startup. Please send us an enquiry.

Please note that Startup Manufactory is not a law firm, thus, not able to provide legal advice. We will refer you to our partners.

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