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London Business School’s Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS) Product Development Workshop at Startup Manufactory

On August 6th 2015 Startup Manufactory hosted Jeff Skinner’s 2015 batch of the Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS) of London Business School for a product development workshop. Around 60 MBA/EMBA students aka aspiring entrepreneurs from London Business School attended. Both speakers, Matt Kuppers, CEO of Startup Manufactory and Timo Hilhorst, co-founder of Startup Startup, shared their experience about developing products in teams and how to go about building and testing Minimum Viable Products (MVP). The speakers also walked the audience through Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup Methodology and explained the principles of lean product development and the benfits of pivoting and product iterating cycles.

Matt Kuppers and Timo Hilhorst further discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing product development, explained how to create realistic remuneration packages for CTO’s uncluding equity options, vesting periods, cliffs and cash compensation. Timo also touched on where to source developers from and how to evaluate talent quality. As the workshop drew to a close the audience was presented with a list of freebies for startups such as the Rackspace Startup Programme, the Amazon AWS Free Tier, the free wireframe app Ninjamock, the team communication app Slack and many more.
After the workshop, the party retired to the dining room where Pizza and further Italian delis where served, kindly provided by Pizza Rossa, an award-winning gourmet-quality pizza restaurant founded by an LBS alumnus.

A copy of the presentation can be viewed and dowloaded below.

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