Start Up Your Startup – a huge success and 270% oversubscribed!

Our latest event, Start Up Your Startup, took place on Thursday, the 13th of August 2015 at Google Campus London. It was co-organised by Startup Manufactory, Timo Hilhorst from Startup Startup and Sheng Huang of Balderton Capital, MBA candidate at London Business School and Ex-Googler.
This event was an opportunity for anyone with a business idea to pitch in front of a diverse audience with an advantage of finding the right person they needed for their dream startup team. This could be a Co-founder from Tech, Business or Creative background. We believe that the participants had a lot to takeaway than this in such a short period of time.
Startups who pitched at the event were (including a few others who joined last minute or had not submitted any links to their startup’s online properties):

  • Philippos Beveratos YOOR
  • Claudio Carnino of Fanchimp
  • Alexander Cohen of Chic VR/Virtually Reality
  • Arjun Hassard of Financial Market Rank
  • Steve Marsh GeoSpock Ltd.
  • Dao Nguyen Adjust Social
  • Alex Shevelenko Relayto
  • Raghu Bharamgoudar Value Takeaway Food
  • Helen Lee SebTV
  • Michael Setton ChronoGreen/InVireo
  • Fred jansson YouSchool

    So, why are we calling it a huge success?
    Because it was not an ordinary startup event, it was an event which was 270% overbooked…you read it right 270%!
    The evening started off as every other event evening but as the time progressed we witnessed a surge in participants and audience queuing up at the entrance.

    Soon the whole space filled up and we ran out of chairs. Rather than loosing strength, the event, on the contrary kept on bringing in more and more people till the end.
    Sheng Huang, as always the great moderator, kicked off the evening by thanking the audience for turning up and re-iterating the purpose of the event. He then invited Matt Kuppers, the CEO of Startup Manufactory to come on stage. Matt introduced Startup Manufactory and what it was all about with name calling his team members in the audience, Atique Waghani, Carolin Bonn and Wilfried Jissang.
    Right after the introductions, the panel was invited to come on stage. It consisted of Alex Shevelenko of Relayto, Timo Hilhorst of Startup Startup and Matt Kuppers of Startup Manufactory with Sheng Huang chairing the panel.
    Then came the delight of the day, the pitching session. The session consisted of over 11 startups ranging from Fintech, Clean Tech, Retail, Application, Location Based Services, Social Media to Virtual Reality based startups. The audience was super excited to see the versatility of startups, giving their ovations with frequent claps, whistles and cheers.

    See the video here: