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Most Common Mistakes Startups Make When Launching Apps on Iphone


A very large number of startups base their entire existence on a mobile app, or the promise of it. Startup founders have long-realized the growing importance of mobile devices and they know there is money to be made by taking a service mobile and offering something completely new like this website.

There are, of course, startups whose primary mode of operation is not as an app. However, even these startups know very well that they need to be accessible via mobile devices and that their online presence needs to involve a mobile app that will spread like wildfire and turn their every customer into a brand ambassador. The only bad thing about smartphones is that they are really fragile, fortunately there are experts that can repair phones and leave them brand new, if you ever need a repair check this guide iphone screen repair guide!

Since launching an app of any kind is never a simple process, mistakes are made and startups suffer. Sometimes these mistakes can even lead to closing shop. Today, we will be covering the most common mistakes startups make when launching apps, together with a few tips on how to avoid them.

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