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personas in a Lean Startup

Using personas in a Lean Startup

Wikipedia defines personas a “a representation of the goals and behaviour of a hypothesised group of users.” This means that although personas are based on real people, they represent a group of people rather than a single person.
After we moved into our new office with all our ideas about what Startup Startup – a free online platform connecting early stage startups and people who have great ideas with talented people interested in joining a startup – should be, my co-founders and I focused on our personas for the first two weeks, without doing any real development.
Using personas can be very effective when developing a product or service because it forces the team working on it to focus on the end users’ needs. In previous jobs, we’d seen persona research fail or at least not be used to its full potential and were determined to make it work.

What we wanted to avoid was making one of the following mistakes:

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