Unique Selling Proposition Startup

The Secret to Defining a Killer USP

Without a solid USP, your business isn’t going to get any traction. Unfortunately for startups, unique selling points aren’t actually that easy to come across. With markets becoming increasingly competitive in recent years, many are left wondering how they can find that one key aspect that sets them apart from everyone else out there. Thankfully, help is on hand. Innovate UK have come up with a list of 4 key tips that’ll help you to define a killer USP.

Tip #1: Know Your Audience

Okay, we get it. You’ve done some research beforehand. You’ve got a solid understanding of the age, gender and social position of your ideal customer. This isn’t what we’re talking about. You need to really delve in deep and get to the crux of what makes your customer tick. Find out what their buying habits are, understand whether they already get your product and service from somewhere else and then consider how they’ll find out about yours. Once you know your audience, you’ll begin to appreciate the reasons why they’d pick you over everyone else out there. This isn’t only helpful for settling on a USP, it’ll work wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Tip #2: Solve a Genuine Problem

Sounds obvious right? You’d be surprised how many companies get this wrong. Don’t focus on the solution until you’ve first got an understanding of the problem itself. Talk to the market, understand what their pains are. Solving a problem could be educating people, it could be removing a specific complaint or even freeing up more of their time. The truth is, you’ve got no chance of providing a solution without first acknowledging the full effect of the problem at hand. If you’re making a breakthrough in the industry by solving this problem, you’re looking at a bright and sparkly USP.

Tip #3: Demonstrate Unique Benefits

How and why will people buy from your company? Once you’ve got a grasp of this, you can communicate your message effectively. You need to show your audience why they should try you. If you’re unsure at this stage, offer a trial run or give away a few free samples with the caveat of honest feedback. Ask for reviews on your site. The more positive reviews you get, the more validated your brand will become.

Tip #4: Get Paying Customers ASAP

Above all, you need to get people paying for your product/service as soon as you can. There’s nothing better than getting early adopters on side. This proves there’s a demand for what you’re offering and validates your concept. If you can prove a market need for your brand, investors are going to find your proposition far more attractive.

If you stick to these four tips, you won’t just be able to define a solid USP but you’ll be able to communicate it effectively too. If you’d like to see more helpful videos like this, you can subscribe to Innovate UK’s YouTube channel here. Alternatively, you can follow @Innovate UK on Twitter here.